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From the witchwood


THE STRAWBS - From the witchwood album cover art
Genre:folk rock
Date of Release:1971
Date of Recording:10 April 1973
Place of Recording:ITALY
Label:A&M / Ricordi SLAM 64304
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Track Listing:

# Title Author Time
1A glimpse of heavenDave Cousins
2WitchwoodDave Cousins
3Thirty daysJohn Ford
4FlightRichard Hudson
5The hangman and the papistDave Cousins
6SheepDave Cousins
7Canon daleRichard Hudson
8The Shepherd's songDave Cousins
9In amongst the rosesDave Cousins
10I'll carry on beside youDave Cousins


Dave Cousins
Tony Hooper
Rick Wakeman
Richard Hudson
John Ford

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