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The amazing Jeckel Brothers

Insane Clown Posse

No Album cover art submitted for Insane Clown Posse - The amazing Jeckel Brothers
Genre:Red Special Edition
Date of Release:1999
Date of Recording:I dunno
Place of Recording:Universal Music Company, NY,NY
Label:Island Records Inc. 314-524 658-2
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Track Listing:

# Title Author Time
2Jack Jeckel1:26
3Bring It On 4:28
4I Want My Shit5:20
7I Stab People1:40
8Another Love Song4:09
9Everybody Rize3:21
10Play With Me4:19
11Jack Jeckel1:25
13The Shaggy Show 6:32
14Mad Prisoner5:49
16Echo Side5:39
17Nothings Left6:10


Shaggy 2 Dopevocalist
Violent Jvocalist
Mike E. Clarkstuff

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