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Is buying music on safe?

The vast majority of buyers and sellers of CDs and records are honest and reliable. Sellers depend on the reptuation they build with us for the confidence of future customers. After every transaction, both buyer and seller can rate each other through the feedback center. In general, if you are satisfied with a user's feedback profile, it's probably safe to do business with that person.

How much does it cost to sell music?

Listing your item for sale with is free! And your item can remain listed until it sells. Should your item sell, a fee of 5% of the sale price is charged. If you sell your item through another venue, make sure you remove it from your listed items, so users will not attempt to buy it.

How should I mail a CD?

The best way to mail a CD jewel case is in a 6 x 10" bubble mailer. These are available at the post office or any office supply store.

How should I mail an LP record?

The best way to mail an LP is with a specially made LP mailer. If you don't have any, an alternative is to sandwich the LP between 2 pieces of corrugated cardboard, and then add another layer of cardboard with the corrugations running perpendicular. This will likely weigh more than a typical LP mailer and therefore will be costlier to ship.

Where do I get LP mailers?

Several places supply LP mailers. One source which delivers is U-Line. They can be reached @ 1-800-295-5510.

How much should be charged for shipping?

Shipping charges depend on weight, distance, and method of delivery. A typical LP record in an LP mailer weighs about 500 g. A typical compact disc in a CD jewel case within a 6 x 10" bubble mailer weighs 120 g. For quotes on shipping consult your local post office.

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